The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), in collaboration with the Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada (MSTA CANADA) invites you to use this platform for Canadian companies in the mining industry to schedule in-person meetings during PDAC 2022 with trade commissioners from around the world. Meet with a trade commissioner from your market of interest to:

• gain key insights from trade commissioners
• learn about conducting business in targeted foreign markets
• discover global opportunities for your business


The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian companies sell their products and services outside Canada by connecting them with its funding and support programs, international opportunities and its network of trade commissioners in more than 160 cities worldwide. Through our services, and by connecting you to other useful Government of Canada programs, we can help you grow abroad, even in these challenging times. You can also register for CanadExport and MyTCS to receive updates on TCS funding, support programs and tools, as well as upcoming trade events and webinars that match your interests.


The Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada (MSTA CANADA) is the national non-profit trade association focussed on assisting members market to the mining industry across the world. Founded in 1981, the association is celebrating its 41st anniversary in 2022 and serves a membership of approximately 250 corporate members. The mandate of MSTA CANADA is to connect members to opportunities to grow their business in the world of mining through networking, information, education, and advocacy. The membership of MSTA CANADA provides products and services across the whole mining value-chain from early exploration, design and construction, operations, refining to closure, and rehabilitation and is recognized as the world leader in suppliers to the mining world.